what should you expect?

This is my truth and it is nobody else’s truth but mine. I own this experience fully. I seek to offer transparency, honesty, and perspective. In my personal story, I discuss different forms of pain and suffering, as well as different forms of healing which include coping mechanisms and resources. Readers may experience the same thing and take away very opposite stories, ideas, highlights, memories or even triggers. It is not anyone’s job to fill the blanks of another’s lived truth; all views are unique and should be respected. We should never live in a mindset to default to, “Why can’t you just be like me?” 

what is the premise?

This book will exist to serve as an example of transparency for those in pain, so that they will feel understood, and perhaps not out-of-line or alone. The purpose of this book is to offer a new perspective from someone who’s been a victim and who chooses not to remain a victim for her entire life. For people playing God, who might be critical of people in pain, please do not judge those who are trying to overcome victimization. Believe me, we judge ourselves already harshly enough. Please support these people as they process their experience, learn to take care of themselves, and work through the choices they have made to not seek revenge or live in anger. 

welcome to the journey

Ultimately, I felt a calling to write this book. This book will hopefully continue my healing experience and bring closure to my inner demons. I write this book to offer to others a place of safety, a place of feeling and a place of boundary on their own healing journey. May my own story serve you as you begin yours; love and peace be with you!

what is the goal?

This book is about my forgiveness of others. This book does not exist to point fingers at anyone, to hold blame toward anyone, or to place myself on a pedestal. The name of every person, town, organization, street, and lake has been renamed as to protect those whom I have forgiven. I seek to build a gap between bitterness and pride, defensiveness and freedom, humility and forgiveness. The goal of this book is to reveal to people feeling hopeless in like-situations that they are not alone and that they can live a life fulfilling and lively again. You will overcome.

The Girl Who Cried Forgiveness 

Q&A Sessions

Join Vivia as she discusses with experts, guest writers in her book, editors, and others on her team that helped bring The Girl Who Cried Forgiveness to life!

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