Would my Child?

In the age of convenience, online dating and sex-trafficking gone viral, we have to be cautious. We do not need to live in fear, but with caution, discernment and wisdom.

The President of Birdie's Travel Spa, Kody Golden, is also a coach with "The Golden Light." Kody is an energy practitioner set out to assure you are free from energy vampires and more. She is my referral for you today, especially if you are having a hard time connecting with healthy people. I've done it too; I've been more attracted to familiarity than to what is actually good for me. A thought that's held me accountable from decision to decision has been, "Would my child be influenced by this choice?"

Would I want my child to meet a man from an online dating sight? Would I encourage my child to host that person for the weekend because of a great connection on FaceTime? Would I want my child to keep their feelings to themselves for the comfort of everyone else? Would I want my child to marry someone they know, deep down, is unhealthy for them?

This holds me accountable as a woman desiring to be a great mother. I wish to be the example now to encourage them when they need it. I wish to lead by my example.

Would you want your child to heal/discern/pursue things as you do? If not, what can you do to switch your pattern up?

Be the person you wish for your children to look up to.

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