When Will I Learn?

"I'm so sorry I'm late! I forgot that traffic hasn't changed in the last 5 five years."

We make excuses. Sometimes its by default and otherwise, our excuses might defend us. Most of the time, we make excuses privately. I might go on a date with someone while well aware they remind me of someone I regret dating. I might choose to maintain a friendship with someone though I know it causes me more pain and frustration than peace and love.

Why the wild excuses? Why do we keep using them as a crutch? Because, it is familiar.

If someone did something that I knew was rude, random or simply off key, I would have always defended my case and stomped off with my nose in the air and a large stomp in my feet. Now, I can be real with myself that I saw this behavior coming and so that was my warning, I shouldn't be surprised but should take this as a celebratory moment! I have good discernment! Woohoo!

What would happen if we stopped making excuses but rather found reasons why we either fell for something, allowed something to happen or were the cause of a happenstance? Life can be more swift if we just took responsibility. When we practice this, we don't find need for stomping off with bitterness and bad words against the enemy.

It was a learning experience, a trial and error and now we can decide not to repeat it in a similar fashion.

When will we learn the people we don't connect with? When will we learn how to make, save and give money? When will we learn to quit settling for someone because it always ends in heartbreak later on? When will we learn so that we lack insanity?

Learn from your mistakes, better yet, learn from someone else's! With this, your relationships and life (period) could truly be as you've desired it to be! Fun, fulfilling, fruitful, spectacular, simple, limitless!

Stop the cycle and learn from the past. You are the most powerful person over your life. Make decisions and respond to things wisely.

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