From innocence to reality, we can presume correctly that life is unpredictable. What makes it unpredictable is all in how we respond to situations and behaviors. I never predicted things that seemed to flow so swimmingly could be disrupted by one response to one behavior.

How can we keep fluidity and simplicity in a world so chaotic? From family dynamics to friendships; from dating relationships to platonic relationships and in the workplace, we must have a balanced grace for one another.

I've been thinking specifically about work-life balance and the word "busy". The term "busy" has gained new synonyms: "Doing well for yourself" and/or "unable to take on anything more." When we are so busy and unable to seemingly make time for the things we truly desire, then are we doing well? That seems like an easy enough question. No; being busy does not mean that we are doing well. We might keep busy with things we enjoy however, the time we make for ourselves to meditate, zone out and count our blessings is so valuable.

When we miss out on that, anxiety and panic gains a foothold in our reactions to situations and behaviors.

I'll carry on with my honesty I suppose. It's gotten me in trouble...while I feel that fueling transparency has led to people having incredible revelations for the benefit of their growth and prosperity, some feel offended. Still, here I am. Not obeying that pulsating fear.

Life and everything within it should always assume this position: "Expect the Unexpected". Whether we are honest or stretching lies, someone might feel offended or hurt. Whether we lack communication or over communicate, there is still room for someone to feel misheard or misunderstood. No matter how much good we do plan to obtain, we might always expect our fantasized plans to twist. Though you might be willing to talk things through, someone else might have already thrown in the towel. While someone might be quick to forgive and empathize, another might give the cold shoulder.

Make your plans, carry your dreams and pursue the life you wish. All the while, I encourage you to prepare for things to shift, "expect the unexpected" and respond well to those times unpredictable; when you don't get your way, that job, that date you wished for, the bonus you prayed for, the life you always dreamt. We must become adaptable, learn to compromise and to love unconditionally in this unpredictable world of ours.

Which areas in your life could you give a little more room to breathe? Which relationships could you infuse more grace into? How can you dream and plan for something without placing too much pressure on how you get there?

It may be time to reevaluate and take responsibility for how you respond to things and people. Life is simply unpredictable.

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