Thy Whole Self

Like the agitating alarm clock we find ourselves grateful for, I find peace in people getting to know me for who I am today over what's happened to me in the past.

I can feel annoyed and impatient with the reality that someone knows the fruit of hard labor without familiarity with the steep hills and bruised legs that brought me there.

What a game we can play for ourselves. We cannot decide if we should admit to falling under another stereotype of someone abused because maybe, just maybe, that would be overwhelming and too scary for this person.

Perhaps, our issue to concern ourselves with is rather, that we are not giving people the chance to stay or go upon their free will once they have met our whole self.

The good, the bad, the ugly... It'll need to surface at some point or we will have exchanged a surfaced sanity for suppressed agony.

Can you love your whole self long enough to let someone else choose to love you as well? When they choose to stay, do you dare keep transparent and honest with yourself enough to keep receiving the support you require and deserve?

You've loved the hell out of yourself this far. Fear not the healthy relationships that try to join in with good intent. Let love win thy whole self.

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