In his workshop he melted the metal to mold into the form of a skeleton. Every year from then, he dressed the skeleton for the first "Witch Burning" Halloween party in town. Tall trees from the woods made up our tall bonfire pit for the annual tradition originating with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain; when people lit bonfires and wore costumes to ward off ghosts.

Our home was decorated to spook you and maintain this theme from the top floor to the basement bar and across our land. Creative, he was and is, he also handcrafted a large witch light fixture that posed to take flight from our front yard. In my family, Halloween was a big deal.

When you dressed to your character for our parties, you went big! My dad and his friend Shane once shaved their legs so the two would become Gabrielle and Zena from the old show, "Zena the Princess Warrior". The wigs, the legs, the warrior was the real deal.

When I consider my relationship with Halloween, I feel mixed. I was raised in this tradition of dress up, trick-or-treat, scare the pants off yourself the whole month through. Yearly there would be a new decoration in our home to offer a surprise scare to everyone. The one to scare me most was hidden beneath the toilet seat. If you didn't have to pee badly enough already, this little demon did the trick!

I've always been quite the observant person. When I observed the people and their actions and behaviors at my dad's bar parties, I felt I did not belong in that atmosphere. I went extreme when opposing it for myself and dove into traditions of the church rather than of this heavy party scene.

Then I became immersed into the church culture of the 10 (in some churches, 20) commandments. I began to not only dislike and choose differently from family traditions but I grew judgmental as I became quite extreme about distancing myself from any dark supernatural practices.

My family is filled by a variety of belief systems and world views. This should have me open to understanding and empathizing with multiple types of people but it didn't. I chose to hate one thing and love another.

Many believe in paranormal activity and even host conventions for others who seek out this supernatural phenomenon through a business named Paracon.

Fortunately over the years, I've become rather self-aware and have taken ownership for my wounds and weaknesses all to have proposed the proper steps for healing and professional support and guidance from anything that's made me close minded, fearful and distant from those who do love me well.

I am now able to carry my supernatural belief systems without judging and despising my own family. God is even bigger to me now as I observe the even larger picture! We connect well because we all believe in the supernatural. I am fixated on what produces light while they may fixate on what is in the dark. The level ground in where we are able to discuss perhaps how light and dark, beauty and chaos do intertwine.

The point of this post is to wish you a Happy Halloween where traditions may be light or as you please, nonjudgemental and fun. I spent many years judging my family wrongly. Though we do have our differences, we can all say we believe in something more powerful than ourselves and that our beliefs make us who we are, strengthen us, entertain us and support us.

I've been made to believe that my family would go to hell for their ideas. They do believe in God, therefore they won't perish. It's taken me years to stop playing God and to quit dividing their fate for them. I believe light and darkness coexist and even in the most pure beings, there can be such darkness. I do not believe I'll melt by choosing to coexist as well. Embracing now the family I grew up in by celebrating, this Halloween, without judgement and condemnation though I stand as a someone who fixates on the light.

Now you won't catch me at a haunted house. I've just started to watch some spooky movies and am still super sensitive to it. But alas, the judgement has cleared! Praise be.

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