Stuck Here

Each story is made up but relatable for too many people. Pray for those suffering more than you know during this quarantine. Pray for their health, their safety and their home. Pray for their hope and stamina.

This place is colder and the walls are closing in. It feels different than before when I was able to leave. Now, I am stuck here. This place is reeking of emotional incest and I have no where to go but here, where I'm stuck, in this small room.

Mom is yelling at Dad. They pound on my door and let out their frustrations with each other onto me. I've been hit, shut down and though I am an adult, I feel scared like a child. I feel stuck here during this quarantine. Stuck, alone, lonely and scared.

I am healthy! CO-VID free! No one would let me outside and I can't brace myself enough to step outside my bedroom. Wouldn't someone try to rescue me? What if I asked for help? Would they only pity me or try to get me out, someplace safe so I could follow people's advice and stay home, stay healthy and safe?

I'm not afraid of this virus, but more afraid of the quarantine. This is my worst nightmare and I'm afraid. Help me.

I had a plan but it was derailed. I went grocery shopping and on my way back to my car, they grabbed me by the waist and pulled me into their van. I was blindfolded and already bruising from their tight grip as I tried fighting my way back to my car in the grocery parking lot.

I've now had sex more times than I can count. I cannot feel it anymore, I feel numb rather. My heart exploded, my ability and energy to fight has depleted and I am tired. I might have sexually transmitted diseases with no resources for help. I'm young and blonde and thin; more recyclable than any drug these men could sell for cash. I'm worth a lot yet I feel worthless.

I am not afraid of this virus, but more afraid of the quarantine. I had some hope for my rescue before, but now I am hopeless. Who can help me?

I've been struggling with PTSD. Now that this quarantine carries on, I've been laid off from work and am stuck in this apartment with my pet. I'm grateful for my pet but it's not enough. I've talked with friends and family on FaceTime but they still don't know what I turn to at the end of the night.

This is all too much for me to handle. Quarantine is many people's break and sweet relief from the anxiety we have access to on social media. If I could just continue to numb the pain without negative effects tomorrow. Just one more sip, one more drink from the bottle of vodka, then this will be more barable.

I am not afraid of this virus, but more afraid of the quarantine. There are online resources, and I have friends but they don't know addiction. It's hard to admit my problem. Who can help me?

I've tested positive for CO-VID 19. I live alone already, my dog just passed away in its sleep and no one will be here to support me while I heal. I could stay in the hospital, but beds are few in this small town. I've been sent home to rest and keep everyone else safe. I feel like a disease. When people do talk with me over video chats, I do find peace and joy! But this fear residing in me is growing like wildfire.

I am not afraid of this virus, but more afraid of the quarantine. Who can help me?

Let's come together to support those in need. Draw nearer to those who test positive for CO-VID 19 and creatively. Those we've known are in abusive relationships require our support too, let's be here for them. Thank and tip those who are still serving us in grocery stores and gas stations, cleaning our homes and public places and nannying for us.

Let's not walk in fear of this virus and support one another during this quarantine. Who can you support?

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