The Girl Who Cried Forgiveness is JUST warming up! I cannot believe the phase I am in! Somebody pinch me.

Some of you have written me to ask how I did this. REMEMBER, as a Clarity Coach, I offer writing coaching! If you are writing your story and wish to share it with the world, lets talk! If you wish to write for your personal healing process, message me! I've been through it, I'm finishing it now and know that support was all I needed! I couldn't do this alone! My hand is here, will you take it?!

Currently, I am developing the layout for my book with Adobe InDesign. All the while, my friend Nicollette is finishing drafts for a beautiful book cover design! As the editors polish it off, I'll be a month ahead schedule!

My first (and private) book signing is tentatively scheduled for July 2nd (2020) and I can hardly wait to celebrate then as there's so much to celebrate NOW!

All hands are on deck from marketing agents to editors, artists and guest writers. This book has grown to be more than I ever imagined. If you or a loved one need support but are not getting it, cannot find what you need or do not know where to begin, The Girl Who Cried Forgiveness is the resource for you!

STAY TUNED and ask for my support as your share your story! I am here for you.


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