one. (EMDR Diaries)

One session with the old bohemian man and I'm ready for more. This therapist was referred to me by a good friend within the psycholiogy profession. She's known me for a few years now and couldn't have paired me with a better therapist.

I've tried EMDR before. What I'd been learning about EMDR Therapy was intriguing. What I wanted was to infuse this positive psychology hype I've been on with healing the memory. I've wanted to be free from anxiety and nightmares and the vicious cycle of choosing like-people (like my offenders) to befriend.

I'm going to share with you a few things I found most refreshing about my first session.

1. The goal wasn't made to bring me back to the trauma to revisit or relive it but to change it

2. My therapist is genuine and real; an older bohemian styled man who cusses like a sailor. I appreciate his authenticity and transparency very much

3. We agree that I will not have to keep with medication but that mind can become over matter

I am not quoting him, I am paraphrasing my evening. An evening that is very powerful for me; a very important session meant for the books. I see him again on Friday and I am very much looking forward to it.

It's time to breathe easy again. Is there a type of therapy you could benefit from? Why won't you pursue it? Are you pursuing it and do you have good rapport with your therapist? If not, find another. That is important. You are important. Find someone who sees you and hears you well and rightly.



Monday, August 26th, 2019