My CO-VID Message

This unpredictable pandemic has shifted everyone's plans. Many have been staying safe and healthy at home, filing for unemployment, grieving losses without proper funerals, postponing weddings, while feeling psychologically exhausted by social media posts about CO-VID 19.

Because of this, I am changing my plans. Instead of promoting a Kickstarter to help fund printing the book, I will publish an eBook first. Before I begin my Courage & Confetti Tour I will celebrate courage by joining the many inspirational influencers by staying online!

Through , you will have access to The Girl Who Cried Forgiveness, the eBook, at the small fee of $19.99. This book includes true stories of overcoming abuse, manipulation and loss with professionals in the mental health industry giving their best advises and encouragement! This book also includes interactive worksheets and educational pieces to fully support any individual in like-situations. This book is a guide supporting bridging the gap from feelings of defeat, all the way to celebrating overcoming your obstacles and well!

Not only is there a book, but also access to interactive videos with myself, the author! There will be more downloadable worksheets and an online membership through

I am promoting a healthy mind while the health of our nation is vulnerable. We will stay home and be inspired online and other times, unplugged and with loved ones. My team and I hope to be of a strong support system for yourself and your loved ones through this powerful book, The Girl Who Cried Forgiveness.

Stay home, stay safe and stay healthy.

Vivia Leigh

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