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I've been tiptoeing into this lifestyle. While not considering myself an extremist but as a very curious person, I slowly wrap my mind around how I've been wired inside and what is required of and for me, truly.

I wrote a book called "The Girl Who Cried Forgiveness During the War". Through this helpful process of closing the chapters of trauma, victim mentality and pain, I have fixated my focus on refreshing even my friendships. I desire healthy relationships that give to gain and gain by giving, are selfless and motivated while motivating. I now have quality friends over needing to know everyone. Still, I might know someone everywhere we go, but the friendship is something special, earned and different. There is more trust, less boundaries and more transparency.

By pursuing EMDR Therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy) I have been able to truly see the world without so much fear or triggers. I haven't needed those memories or the weight of victim mentality, so I closed it. Mentally, I've been a minimalist for years. Worry about and for the things that I can impact without worrying about or for the things I cannot change.

| Materialistic |

I'll admit, while in high school, I bought more than I saved having quite an eclectic abundance of things I didn't need or may forget I owned as I'd had junk drawers and packed closets. As a nanny now, I see homes that have much. When I go home, I have to filter my mind.

They have all of these things; decor, new purses, clothes, decor, cars, phones, tv's....What is my portion? What measures my worth by owning it?

None of it.

While I have nothing against the kind, considerate, fun and wonderful people owning these homes and things, I simply have to decide if I will adapt into it for myself, or if I won't. The reason I will not find it necessary to own a TV is because in my single life, I am pursing what I feel is my purpose and heart's desire. I am pursuing Birdie's Travel Spa, becoming an Author and Psychologist. This is what matters to me more so.

I am no stranger to the Netflix binge at the end of the day, when I need to rest my mind, that I can do with my laptop where I can also pursue my classes, writing and business connections and transactions.

When spending and saving, I consider needs vs. wants. When a young(er) adult, I began to grow in self-awareness. I do not require a church or church community to connect with God. I do not require many people to prove I am worthy of another's time. I do not require the latest trends to feel confident in my ensemble, daily. I require rest, prayer, food and a sound mind.

October 1st, 2019, I will move into a one bedroom apartment from a two bedroom apartment. My like-minded friend Ana is helping me with the purge prior to moving.

Needs vs. Wants and Function vs. Favor

So far, I have let go of many outfits. I am following suit with Steve Jobs who had, what I call, "a cartoon closet". It is alright if my ensemble resembles yesterday's. What I need is clean clothes, not the latest trends. Because dressing in patterns from time-to-time brings me joy and makes me feel feminine, I will have 2-3 dress up options for events and things. Daily, I'm simplifying my clothing and shoe selection.

With a cartoon closet, I make one less choice per day. My mind was full when I began my business and other entreprenual ventures. I do not wish to wrestle with what to wear in the morning. It is not as important as business decisions or the psychological healing I wish to facilitate for others.

What do you have that you don't need? Why keep it? Why might it be hard to let go of?

There many "minimalist hacks" that I may follow suit with. It feels liberating, refreshing and secure. I feel sound and caught up in my worth apart from what and who I have in my life.



In my bathroom, I will use micro-fiber towels so that the thicker towels do not keep wet and create an odor. Micro-fiber towels (by Norwex) are not needed so much.

The Norwex hair wrap will also help absorb water from my thick hair decreasing electricity usage from hair drying.

I'm considering other ways to go paperless such as using a Bidet Self-Cleaning system at the toilet and the Diva Cup for monthly periods.


Many times, we receive gifts we do not actually want or need. They, unfortunately, lay around our homes as clutter.

- Consider receiving the gift with gratitude then donating it to charity.This way it will not clutter your space and someone who really needs it may have it.

- Another great way to steer clear from this clutter is by creating an Amazon Wishlist or gift Pinterest Board and send it to your family or friends.

-Suggest gift cards rather!

These ideas can be harsh. It is hard enough to rid of the things you already do not use. There are ways this can be communicated well to your family and friends without seeming ungrateful or inconsiderate.


I am a dual licensed Esthetician. Skincare is more important than the makeup we use to cover our imperfections.

I have many skincare tips for the minimalist with problematic skin! Stay tuned for that blog post!

Concerning your makeup collection, let's minimize. The more makeup we have, the more we might be either having fun with creativity and the esthetics or the more we might be camouflaging insecurities. I'll always encourage overcoming your insecurities over wearing more camouflage.

If you are a makeup hoarder or feel like you need to minimize your makeup collection, simply clear out any aged makeup keeping only what you've recently ordered. You can also purchase more expensive makeup. This forces you to keep the products that you NEED and will use consistently. Prestige makeup also last longer, has better coverage and more skin care considerations within the ingredients.


This can be similar advise when considering hair care, however that ranges from color treated hair and natural hair. Of course, natural hair colors are less maintenance. When I began writing my book, I wanted not to worry about my hair color. My focus was on my mental health while writing The Girl Who Cried Forgiveness. Now that I am going to be generating income dressing as a Princess with the company "Dream a Little Dream", my hair is blonde, more high maintenance, requiring more TLC/product.

My costs are lower still as I offer swaps with my hairstylist. I give her a facial and she caters to my hair health on a monthly basis.


While inspired by Steve Jobs and his cartoon closet, I have the most challenging time with minimizing my clothing and accessories.

I owned 100+ pairs of beautiful shoes prior to moving to Kansas City from Minnesota. I enjoy mixing patterns and dressing up! I am very much girly-girl! High percentage of femininity here!

However, as mentioned earlier, it is more important to me to have a sound mind over a good look. The less choices we have to make in a day, the more emotional clutter we prevent. I wish not to shop much anymore; it's stressful for me actually. I've been having my girl friends take me and decide what I'll get based on my desires and budget. I hate shopping.

I am transitioning into less patterns, more neutral colors and keeping my shoes to a seasonal minimum.

Clearly I don't consider purses too much. I just began using one again after 2 years of not using a purse! I will not have a large one. I like to use cute backpacks rather, so that I can use it for anything I'd use my purse for. I carry money, car/house keys, textbooks, my laptop, writing utensils and chapstick. You know, the necessities.

If you stay at home, jeans, T-shirts and sweaters make for cute and simple outfits! I am a Nanny, student and business owner. I require basic clothing and some fun outfits for events and speaking engagements. I personally do not wear much jewelry. One simple ring, seldom earrings and maybe a simple necklace. This helps me to avoid making too many choices in the morning. The only thing I'll be choosing is my shower soundtrack!


I personally think clothing and accessories are the most challenging for me than clearing out memorabilia. For most others, this might be the hardest thing to clear up and understandably.

One hack I'd suggest is to keep one box per family member rather than multiple boxes. Concerning photos and paper memories, I might create a memory book with Chatbooks rather!

If you have more minimalism hacks, feel free to share! I would love to hear them!

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