Mind, Willpower + Intuition

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

Intuitive people simply have another way of working through the world. Many find themselves as entrepreneurs. Some have a monkey mind while others carry an elephant mind. How do you adapt to behaviors and how do you apply it to yourself? This is a part of being driven.

What if you could take your experiences in life and use it to identify how amazing you are? How much you've overcome and what it is you're capable of.

Simply because of what I've experienced, I've given up much fear and allow myself to feel a sense of reward; overcoming multiple experiences of control, manipulation, domination and so on, I've developed an intuitive ability. With this, I am able to recognize patterns more so than to fixate on fear of what could happen but rather consider like-situations and recall what has happened. Then I compare now to then and I am able to freeze the freak out and carry on focused on a flow, a plan or a pattern rather. This keeps me level headed as a serial entrepreneur and healer of my own traumas.

Monkey minds are quicker to resistance. They are very curious and they use their eyes to go through the world. Their thought process can go wild!

Elephant minds memorize patterns. There is a level of humility allowing this mind to keep self-aware and transparent allowing them to admit to and heal from trauma, rewiring it out of the body with more ease than say, the monkey mind.

Monkey minds might consider "what if" with more anxiety whereas an elephant mind might default to a specific pattern of influence. For me, I refer to Walt Disney's pattern. Throughout his life as a creative entrepreneur, he lost much, wasn't always planning in helpful fashion and falling apart before memorizing what works vs. what doesn't and following his intuition into what ultimately did work.

Who he would partner with, work for, where he'd focus (not on finances) and how his business would keep; this was all decided based on intuition. Not strategic planning, worry, fear or the need to people please, but mostly by intuition.

"How do you do all of this?" I am a double major in Psychology and HR, I am receiving EMDR Therapy from my Psychiatrist, I am dating, I maintain my close friendships intentionally, I nanny, I work to promote "The Girl Who Cried Forgiveness," I pursue self-care while encouraging it very much through my start-up Birdie's Travel Spa.

It is done with humility to recognize when I am wrong, need to apologize and need to heal more from; rewiring my trauma out of the body. It is done by saying no to many things and people I do not feel would understand, support or respect the situation or vision. I remember patterns of successful people like Walt Disney and other business owner friends. They took it slow, breathed life on things and did not fret but maintained joy, passion and hard work.

Are you a monkey or an elephant? If you could show how amazing you are, how would you do it? Without fear of finances, people or death, tell me.

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