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Interview with Author and Clarity Coach Vivia Leigh

Lacuna: During writing, you must have experienced flashbacks and triggering situations. How did you deal with them and which resources helped the most?
Vivia: As I wrote there was always an initial fire of what flashbacks might occur that night. When I began writing this memoir I was also starting a business, majoring in psychology at a local university, and nannying full time. I wrote after work, late afternoons. To assure lack of flashbacks I would always draw a bath post writing, prop my laptop on the toilet seat and find a positive distraction in watching “I Love Lucy” episodes. Other times I found writing in my favorite pizzeria where the music was upbeat and the faces were friendly. I set up my writing space at the pizza bar, plug my earphones in, eat, and write. When I felt waves of negative emotions begin to flare up I would remove my headphones, often playing instrumental/classical music, and talk to those friendly faces in the pizzeria and tune into that upbeat music and atmosphere. When these flashbacks lingered I would meet with my psychotherapist, an EMDR specialist, on several occasions. There we would bring peace to my anxiety, and I would find courage and support in pushing forward. I pursued therapy once a week. All of these resources and tools were effective but I found EMDR to help me the most.



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Vivia Leigh

Clarity Coach | Author

What is a Clarity Coach? It is Vivia's own title separating her services from life coaching. In your Clarity Sessions, Vivia will meet you where you are without judgement of your situation or personal convictions. Vivia works as a mentor supporting you from her knowledge as a Psychology Major. While she is not yet a licensed therapist, Vivia is gifted in being the bridge standing in the gap between her clients and further support from the appropriate therapy style. 

Many therapists my use Vivia to connect them with more clients who truly need their support from grief therapy, to AA groups, Play Therapy, EMDR, or simply, psychotherapy.

It is Vivia's goal to support you as best as she can while utilizing her worksheets found in THE GIRL WHO CRIED FORGIVENESS. When she feels you need further support, she'll help make that happen, so you can simply recieve.

Based in Leawood, KS

Currently meeting via phone calls and video chats as to follow COVID protocol.


Appointment only, made via email:

Introduction Session: $50 

Hourly Sessions: $75

Payments non-refundable,

with a $50 cancellation fee.

Payable via Venmo upon scheduling

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