Lacuna Magazine Interview

Interview with Author and Clarity Coach Vivia Leigh

Lacuna: During writing, you must have experienced flashbacks and triggering situations. How did you deal with them and which resources helped the most?
Vivia: As I wrote there was always an initial fire of what flashbacks might occur that night. When I began writing this memoir I was also starting a business, majoring in psychology at a local university, and nannying full time. I wrote after work, late afternoons. To assure lack of flashbacks I would always draw a bath post writing, prop my laptop on the toilet seat and find a positive distraction in watching “I Love Lucy” episodes. Other times I found writing in my favorite pizzeria where the music was upbeat and the faces were friendly. I set up my writing space at the pizza bar, plug my earphones in, eat, and write. When I felt waves of negative emotions begin to flare up I would remove my headphones, often playing instrumental/classical music, and talk to those friendly faces in the pizzeria and tune into that upbeat music and atmosphere. When these flashbacks lingered I would meet with my psychotherapist, an EMDR specialist, on several occasions. There we would bring peace to my anxiety, and I would find courage and support in pushing forward. I pursued therapy once a week. All of these resources and tools were effective but I found EMDR to help me the most.


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