Habit & Intent

Live less out of habit and more out of intent

Since we lost Maria, I dove out of habits and into intentionality. While forming habits that line up with your intentions can support your successes, all the same, sticking to our routine habits can create us to feel dull and purposeless. How do you know where you sit? Are you a creature of habit and with contentment or do you harbor routine as the best you can do or all there is?

I am a believer in positive psychology. One of my favorite things is confetti; or celebrating overcoming something difficult! I believe in dreamers and that people can truly impact others when they set their mind to it. I believe that regardless your experience/s, if you give yourself a fighting chance, then you can do whatever you set your mind to. After my hardships, it became time for me to get out of my routine feeling purposeless so that I could live intentionally/on purpose.

I felt defeated and set back when I lost my best friend. Every painful event, that happened prior to her death, was triggered. I wondered if this was my destiny; to constantly be knocked down. Maybe I was to overcome defeat from abuse and losses before, all to raise a white flag and let go of passion and pursuit then; maybe losing Maria was meant to be my last straw.

Have you ever experienced that rollercoaster that seems to tighten its belt as soon as you become used to the ride? It then picks up its speed and you find yourself upside down on an eternal corkscrew ride. You feel stuck and as if you have no choice but to continue experiencing mass chaos and depression.

Have you found contentment in life? I mean true happiness and peace, then perhaps you also carry a passion for something! If not, and waves of a haunting depression, addiction or trigger knocks you down on repeat, consider what more you could do to support your authentic happiness. If you've hit a wall without any ideas, volunteer for something. When we give more we gain more (perspective, empathy and direction).

I will receive EMDR for a while and general therapy for the remainder of my life. I will continue to grow self-aware and take care of the pains and triggers alerting to my system so that I may experience a drive to pursue my passions on purpose.

For me, I have needed contentment in order to develop habits that make me intentional. This intentionality allows me to give and from that, there is much gain. I look forward to sharing the fruits of my labor with you one day! From my book to other business plans, I know that I am never going to be bored; I am giving and from that well I feel very wealthy.

Journal About It:

Am I happy?

Am I content?

What can I do to bring myself more joy?

What kind of support system might I need to build?

What attitudes or fears can I shed so that I can enjoy life and all in it?

What am I grateful for now? (Counting your blessings promotes your ability to find contentment at present)

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