Do What Makes You Happy

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

In January, I was introduced to Brian. We made our relationship official immediately, after our second date. In March, we planned to celebrate his birthday in a camper-van out in the Grand Canyon. Due to our introduction to the global pandemic, we had to shelf this trip.

Brian and I decided to live together quickly. We talked about it a lot beforehand, making a pro's and con's list and assuring we were ready. We are happy we did this, as no one wants to be quarantining alone in an apartment.

By the time our trip was cancelled, we spent countless quarantine hours getting to know each other more, having our first spats and finding creative ways to continue dating.

 By April, we were used to feeling happy one day, and anxious and fearful the next. We weren't seeing people very often, outside finally dipping our toes into seeing family (without anxiety) and coworkers, at work.

May bloomed, and was a beautiful month! We went to Seaside, Florida to a family beach house for one week, quarantine the next. As we walked the beach at sunset, with our dog, Yogi, we dreamt up our life together and how we would solidify it. When planning our trip to the Grand Canyon, we joked around about a Vegas chapel elopement. When you know, you know!

We thought we'd find an Elvis Presley impersonator to marry us this Summer, when on our original trip to the Canyons in March! Our silly idea transformed into a beautiful and more serious idea when walking the beautiful white sand on the Gulf, finding rest, joy and peace, then decided "this is the place to marry!"

 This was to be a secret, but Brian was so excited, that he blurted it out without warning! I thought, for sure, that I'd be the one to let it slip. Thus, more conversations across our family trees and best friend groups occurred. Ever since, we have felt an immense amount of support! I continue to tell people, that the support and joined excitement is one of my favorite things since our engagement! 

Shortly after returning from Seaside, Brian and I bought a house! It's a beautiful home requiring a splash of Brian & Viv! I cannot believe how blessed we are, to collaborate on the design of our home so well!

  We closed on our house May 14th and have been working hard, meeting our "masked" neighbors and anticipating the day we move in, become home bodies and begin a family!

 We will marry in Florida this coming February! We are elated to have a small and private ceremony at sunset, on the beach. With our plans and dreams as simple as they are, Brian and I found a way to fixate our focus on our lives together, with our two pet's (Lady & Yogi), without allowing our current chaotic world to tip us over, too.

 Why am I telling you this?

I am sharing our story because you need something sweet to read, something hopeful and good, and maybe random. As these riots break my heart, destroy our world and kill more people alongside the Corona-Virus, I fear bringing children into such a mess. Will we need to wait longer than we'd like to start our little family? Maybe it is a great thing. In Kansas City, I have seen how the protests have been so good, bringing true justice! Mayor Quinton Lucas protested in a morning march with many people. He called off police watch for that night, unless completely necessary. That night, there was a peaceful protest due to justice acting just and approaching matters when needed, and not at random.

This could seem petty to talk about for some. The fact that I'm focusing on my life rather than the lives of others might offend you. That is not my intent, as stated.