Disappear A Little

When life gives you sour lemons, its time for a spa day. I don't just say this to promote Birdie's Travel Spa, but to promote self-care and returning to the simple need w we forget to be mindful of: breathing.

My heart broke a little after becoming invested in the fantasy of something I thought would turn out great! It didn't. It just...faded before it could begin. While I have so many things to be grateful for, this one loss can have the power to overwhelm my heart and take over as a grey cloud over all else that I'm usually so excited about!

My girl Kody (business partner of Birdie's Travel Spa) said it, "Sometimes, self-care is more than a pedicure. It's taking a shower and allowing yourself 30 minutes or more just to cry."

When life gives you sour lemons, its time for a spa day. For me, I'll sleep until my body wakes tomorrow morning before diving into a salted bubble bath with a hair masque, facial masque, tea, a book and just some time to cry.

It is not strength to suppress these feelings, regardless to how much attention you or others vote it gets. It is a strength to allow them to surface and leave your body and mind so that you can remember all the other wonderful things and/or people that you do have and that aren't fading away but are fruitful!

Take the time to let it matter. Whatever it is, allow yourself the time to just breathe, cry, feel. You'll feel so much better for it!


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