Cocktailing Happiness

For me, happiness was never ultimately found in a thing, a person or a hobby. It was found in contentment and my freedom to express creatively.

I'm designing a plan as I prepare to live on my own, without a roommate. This plan will be the design and structure of my new lifestyle as an intentional minimalist. I have to make so many choices a day as a Double Major in Psych and HR, the CEO of Birdie's Travel Spa and working to publish my first book. I'd prefer for my space to feel free, airy, light and minimal and just as well, my wardrobe to reflect easy, simple and neutral.

Each room will be white with greenery. Greenery makes me feel good and at peace. I also enjoy lakes, being Minnesota raised, and so I will assure a fountain or at least a bird bath on my patio to enjoy. Each room will have a pop of color as I believe color is very valuable. Accent colors are pink, mustard yellow, coral blue + lavender and orange. This might be a vase, the body of a lamp, a candle or a little porcelain bird. Whatever it may be, it will bring that touch of color that I desire.

My friend Ana creates homemade hand soaps and cleans with organic and simplified cleaning products. I will follow suit by my wanderlust-friend. She's preparing to live life out of a backpack traveling to eat, pray and love in many cultural around the world. She's been a great inspiration. So has the Netflix documentary, "Expedition Happiness".

A happy mind is a happy life. Bring on simplicity and freedom from requiring more in order to be happy. I desire contentment and will keep you updated with this new lifestyle.

Very soon, Ana will be coming to my home to help me to purge. We will purge everything that does not follow suit with the desires of my heart. The process is challenging while the outcome is liberating.

What clutter can you relieve yourself from? Emotionally, physically, emotionally. What will you do to gain peace?

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