Camper Van Therapy: A Series

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

My friend Ana is a minimalist. She introduced campervan living to me after one of her documentary binges. I quickly added the experience to my bucket list! Tip toeing into minimalism myself, this friendship with Ana has really supported my transition and mental health. I fully support and aspire to experience a stronger simple living. I'll be honest, this move carries above all, an eternal struggle. Society is not most understanding of this lifestyle. Marketing professionals psychologically pierce "FOMO" (fear of missing out) into our minds with each promotion for consumerism.

What a wonderful world when you feel content with all you have rather than needing to have more in order to be happy.

I shared this idea with my boyfriend. He became as excited as Ana and I and said, "Let's do it for your birthday!" As we looked into the details through Native Camper Vans, he wanted to experience this sooner! We moved the trip from May to March (2020) and will drive into the Grand Canyon over his birthday. This 3 night wanderlust is going to be so therapeutic, challenging and inspiring. I already know it!

I will take photos, journal with a pen and paper and note my favorite things about living outside of a heavy consumer-hungry culture. I will share my experiences with you shortly after. Buckle up!

One thing I hope to carry home from the trip is the memory that I needed so little, therefore I can continue living so simply from there. This trip will also be very telling of my so-far short relationship with my boyfriend, Brian. Can we stand living in such close quarters with one another? What will we learn about each other? As a couple, what will we take away from this sneak peak into such a lifestyle?

As a 27-year-old who has moved 24 times her life, (due to my parent's divorce, foster care and having to move from place to place until I could afford to live on my own) I've come to collect and keep less things. I have expected that I will move again as my life progresses from a single person to a wife and next a mother. Simplifying these moves has made these transitions less irritating and stressful.

In this camper van experience, Brian and I might find what we are capable of tighter and apart. We will learn so much about ourselves and each other while in the dessert. I am looking forward to growing in this way with him!

Stay tuned for blog posts about our trip happening this March!

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