Camper Van Dreaming: Final Countdown

Plot twist: We've got a global quarantine happening while counting down from 2 days before Brian and my trip. There's no person I'd rather be quarantined with and in the desert than Brian. We'd absolutely return with some great memories!

We were going to pack today. Our goal: take two suitcases of only the necessities. Brian surprised me and bought me a dress for our last night spent at the beautiful hotel, Bellagio! He's spent the last few weeks mapping out our trip from the city to the desert. We've been so looking forward to this!

Alas, we decided to hear out those in Italy and other countries, and cancel our plans. This was hard for us to do. We are young and most days, believe that we are the acceptation. It is time to put our pride down and come to experience what we have the opportunity to pursue with what we have.

We were very excited to see how time spent in a small space, with limited access to forms of entertainment involving wifi and the city, and this vacation spent with the bare necessities so reliant on our creativity and communication, would impact our relationship.

Now, optimists we are, I will wear that pretty dress and light a candle across his table. We will dine in! Perhaps read books, play the board games we thought to pack and enjoy the fresh air outside on the balcony. We will see how conversations go and enjoy one another's company, growing in love and getting to know each other deeper just the same.

Life has not stopped for you because you are required to keep clean and distanced. Life has not ceased for you because you must be extra cautious and considerate. Life, as we know it, has slowed down a little bit creating space and opportunity for our mental health to improve and anxiety to cope and dissipate. Now, we have the opportunity to pick up that hobby we desire to make our niche. Let's reorganize and redecorate the space (spring cleaning!). Let's pick up the phone and talk with those we have been too busy to talk with.

We are only being asked to return to the basics. It is sad that this is so hard for us to do. You do not need to be so busy and doing so many cool things in order to be living a good and fulfilling life. Rest assured that a fulfilling life means finding contentment in all things and circumstances.

What are you grateful for? How will you spend your quarantined time building onto that dream you've carried? Find your contentment and allow it produce the joy you haven't had time to experience fully.

Cheers, Quarantine companions!

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