but how?

I felt helpless when trying to support people who were feeling depressed and without a way into the life they once dreamt up. after one life moved to an invisible kingdom called heaven, i became obsessed. how can i help others? how can I truly support them? i'll start with myself. learning me, learning more, and being transparent. maybe honesty is the crave, authenticity the weight required for such a large task as this; loving the hopeless.

Even when she was alive, she was dead.


The liveliness she was known for disappeared and called her a ghost.

Porcelain heart,

So fragile and afraid

Afraid that the good would overwhelm her too much

Afraid that what has been bad would keep chasing her

How could people help such fragility?

She cried for help and people rose

She cried again and people froze

She cried forgiveness and people doubted

She cried and cried and cried

and felt outed of the life she as a little girl, always wanted

The only one who could truly save her

was her

Even when she was alive she was dead.

What could they have done instead?

if you don't quit, you win

there may come a time when you feel or have felt you had to stop caring so much. this person feels so much...and not enough love for themselves. maybe there is love and not enough pride and vision? raise your boundaries higher and higher and they grow more alone and hopeless.


how do you help the helpless?

can you deny those in denial?

when is "too much" too much?

how do you hope admits hopelessness?

how do you have a vision when feeling blind?

how do you revive treasure from quicksand?

how do you carry boundaries and still love unconditionally?

keep praying. keep the door open. keep forgiving.

For the Fighter

for the lover and the fighter,

for the reader and the writer,

we are all the sum of our experiences

the final problem is only solved when we admit there is a problem to solve

continue to love

continue to fight

continue to learn

pray and do all you can

and remember

you have done you're best

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