Bounce Back

"She's only a dreamer" she said.

"She's not a doer. She'll have a million ideas and see none of them progress."

I knew I have always had my head in the clouds, but that felt good! In the clouds I could imagine my world to be at peace and full of authentic joy, with a strong sense of safety and confidence for all pursuits. In the clouds, I dreamt up a place called "Birdie's Travel Spa". A travel spa to promote mental health and transparency between friends. This showed to be an effective and alluring way to invite women to really be there for one another in transparency and honesty, normalizing having a strong support system.

Birdie's Travel Spa aired on Kansas City Live, a local television show, after participating in many Mock-Spa Parties and large business events. After dreaming and promoting a brand new concept 24/7, with phone calls to my Business Coach and team members, networking breakfasts and dinners for a year straight, I felt it time to slow our roll. We wanted to assure our foundation strong. It was time to meet with my lawyers about moving forward. Then, something called a Coronavirus made a business once alluring, an intimidating idea.

Onto the next thing! When things change, the most valuable thing one could do, is respond well to that change. Responding well looks like a patient reaction, a positive perspective and the ability to adapt to what is new in a way best for you and your family. I've been writing The Girl Who Cried Forgiveness for years, and even in the background of pursuing Birdie's Travel Spa!

A Patient Reaction What is next? If not Birdie's Travel Spa, it's something else. What can I feed my attention now?

A Positive Perspective The fade out of Birdie's Travel Spa promoted the book! Now, I'm to continue to heal, receive EMDR Therapy, and promote the benefits of forgiveness, sharing your story, and transparency! This still supports my mental health movement in a new way!

The Ability to Adapt Now that the book is out there, and the Coronavirus seems to have the world on a standstill for the next 2 years to come, I may need to consider a Plan B. How else can I inspire the world by normalizing mental health support?

I have a beautiful idea. I've shared it with some family members and my Fiance. I cannot wait to share it with you! I wouldn't have been able to connect with this beautiful and new idea if I didn't allow myself to let go Birdie's Travel Spa. I have to keep open minded that if it's to be again, it will be! Right now, it can't be. Onto the next best!

How do you cope with change? Are you practicing a patient reaction? Are you seeking a positive perspective? How is your ability to adapt?

My hope and prayer for you, is that in these strange times of 2020, you would find a renewed passion and dream again! In this extra time we've had, maybe you'd adapt to the lifestyle you never knew you needed all the while!

Best wishes to you during all these changes!

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