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Updated: Oct 1, 2019

We were excited as we each readied the night before airing on live TV! Each of us had private Spa Parties at our home with hair conditioning treatments, honey facials and plenty of rest. This is another phase of a dream coming true! A dream where we can be extravagant givers without fear, with community over competition.

It was a blast! We felt so comfortable on set. Perhaps this is because we are the Queens of Self-Care. It is absolutely also due to the warmth of the staff at Kansas City Live.

Birdie's Travel Spa was named creatively maintaining my childhood nickname "Birdie"! We are caregivers for caregivers and we cater to mental health through self-care! Our travel spa sets up in your home with your best friends, corporate events, birthday parties and more! We are also improv-experts able to serve and love you right where you are at with the services you desire! We offer services from yoga to massage, facials to self-defense courses, life coaching to energy healing and more.

We fly to you because this is what my girl Maria Johanna needed. She was a caregiver who out-gave and extravagantly! Maria worked long hours between caring for her two children and husband. Her balancing act became more challenging to perform well as she struggled with Postpartum Depression which progressed into a Postpartum Psychosis.

I fully believe that if Birdie's Travel Spa were to have been a functioning business near her, with the support from professionals, the accountability and community; this could have saved her life. If someone could just see what was truly going on between those extreme highs and lows and done what was needed.

She was a nurse. She studied and knew Postpartum and it's demons. Caregivers need caregivers too; Doctors need Doctors, nurses need nurses, moms need mothers, friends need friends, professionals need professionals. Maria needed herself in her best form. A person who was wise, smart, selfless, considerate and willing to do what it took to assure everyone felt at peace.

It plays a part in her passing. I haven't written on this before. I feared people would only remember Maria by her last thoughts. Now that I am proven that people loved her and truly saw her for the brilliant and beautiful person she was, I'm positive her reality then won't affect how people think of her now.

Maria experienced extreme highs and lows and hallucinations combined with a fixation on religious beliefs and ideas. A part of Postpartum Depression is that one could have nightmares of harming her children or self in order to protect the children. When things progressed from baby blues to postpartum anxiety to postpartum depression then psychosis, Maria believed (by the illness) that God gave His only Son to die for us. Her mind was able to wrap around a fixation that because people compared her to Mary and her name had been so close, that the only way those who loved her could possibly love each other was if she gave her life up. That way, people could forgive each other and love each other. She did not only die by postpartum psychosis suicide, but by the idea that it would bring people together.

She couldn't have been more wrong. After we lost Maria, I lost much weight, appetite, broke relationships and became obsessed with evolving what I could have done into what I could do now. Create a safe space for people, like Maria, to receive the love they give to others and with people they trust to support them. Even in her death, Maria was selfless and loving well the people she knew.

This was so hard. It is still hard. Pursuing Birdie's Travel Spa helps me to know that something is being done now. It would break my heart if people only utilized it as a luxury. If mental health was pushed out of it. When we weren't able to share this part of my heart on air, my heart broke. The opportunity was amazing! It is doing so much for my business! Still, I felt let down. My business partner read it all over me.

"We cater to mental health through self-care. We are Caregivers for Caregivers." This is not just another luxury service for those with disposable income. This is a way for myself and other beauty industry and wellness professionals to receive the love they ought to right back. Professionals need professionals. We can't afford to lose more bright lights as we lost Maria. I can't afford another heart break. With Birdie's Travel Spa, in business and through services, we love like Maria.

While we exist to serve Psychology into the beauty industry with more intention, we also believe that to promote and market your favorite people and small businesses is the best way to be marketed yourself! We give more, we gain more!

Rachel Brimm is our Lead Massage Therapist carrying the torch as the standard we hold for all independent contractors with Birdie's! She has her private practice in Prairie Village, KS called "Scents of Touch".

Birdie's is a great side hustle for this single (widowed) , Momma! She has gained more community, has learned even more-so, the value of self-care and mental breaks for herself and more! Hear more from Rachel's experience with Birdie's by connecting with her on Instagram or tuning in to hear our interview on KC Live!

KC Live Interview!

We will bring impact, develop safe places for vulnerability and increase courage to ask for help and receive the love! We will make it possible to love people where they are at, financially, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. This is just the heart of Birdie's. Without it, it just couldn't exist.

Take a look into the Birdie's Travel Spa tab at to learn more and to book your Spa Party. Book your brand new experience now.

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