Bare & Aware

Can you own up to your flaws? Why did that circumstance push you to the edge? Why are you sensitive to those situations?

Take a step back and consider that knowing your weaknesses might be a strength of yours. Acknowledging where you're wrong, need support or could grow is a very appealing thing! It says you're gutsy! Vulnerable and courageous! Self-aware, empathetic & mindful!

Can you try this? Admit if you're wrong and/or need support in your life. We are not expected to be perfect by anyone other than ourselves. Honestly, while I'm playing the dating game and promoting my travel spa with flowers and sunshine to Instagram, I'm also keeping it real with my friends. I'm sharing posts in a private setting where mascara may be running down my cheeks after a bad panic episode.

To recognize you have a weakness is one thing. To admit it, seek help AND build your support system, that's really vulnerable! We don't need to be that vulnerable. What if the guy or girl on Bumble sees that and is turned off? You'll never marry. What if the job you're after sees this transparency and would rather refer you to a psych ward?

Oh my gosh, dive off the soap box drama kings and queens, we are talking about being self-aware here. As we learn more about ourselves and admit weakness, the judgement from others isn't so mandated and then develops this space where wisdom can grow rooted deeper.

- If you are confronted about an action or behavior, step back from defense for a minute and question the validity for your own sake.

- If you feel nervous about a feeling or a thought, seek support. Open up and discover if this is normal or abnormal; maybe you could use more love than you knew?

- If you are receiving support and extra love, count your blessing! You've surrounded yourself by people who love unconditionally. Despite your quirks, your PTSD, your weird moments, you are loved.

Everything is going to be okay.

TransparenSEE: It's the new trend.

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