I think I'm lucky. In such a time as this, where a new and migrating virus (Coronavirus) is causing states to #StayHome and be #AloneTogether as professionals develop a vaccine to prevent further fatalities, many wish they were alone together with someone else.

Some of us are living with roommates who've become our close friends! With like-minds, boredom is cured with board games, dance parties, movie & spa nights. Some of us are introverts enjoying this time alone and feeling the most productive we've ever felt! I am with pets and my new boyfriend in a one bedroom apartment overlooking a large and beautiful park with water beneath the bridges. We are in that honeymoon phase and learning how to give one another space in such close quarters.

All at once, some of us have vulnerable immune symptoms highly susceptible to this virus. Unable to visit grandchildren or any family and friends, for that matter. Some of us have lost someone to this virus while thinking we and our loved ones were the exception. Others are terrified, wishing we were with someone else less abusive. School or work was the place we felt loved and were fed, and now, we are stuck at home.

I am living in Prairie Village, KS. The state of Kansas has just announced we will join the decision to #StayHome until April twenty-third. This means everyone is staying home, with the exception of emergencies and grocery shopping or playing outside. Public gatherings are unalloyed. For one month, only jobs deemed essential will have working people.

This is a lot to take in for all of us. How are we to clear such emotional clutter? Now, the world is gaining empathy for those who live with anxiety daily. How can we truly support one another and take this time to grow, ourselves?

I am currently reading "Clearing Emotional Clutter" by Donald Altman. This book is great and a highly recommended resource! "You've heard of the psychological benefits of clearing out the clutter in your surroundings - but how do you handle cleaning the emotional clutter?"

Receiving therapy or support is not such an unpopular decision as it once was. Mental Health Awareness has really grown and impacted the lives of many. One thing I believe will happen for people in these times, is that we would be able to slow down again and reevaluate our priorities without distraction.

Today, I watched "Christopher Robin" after hearing a sermon promoting childlikeness and simplicity to adults. Christopher is much like many of us. We are too busy with more important things to do. When did we become so selfish and bored?

Now, we may talk more, enjoy the outdoors more-so! People are still looking to their screens so much but perhaps that will tire at some point. Maybe enough to no longer be a standing wall between relationships and what truly matters: Loving everyone well.

Again, I highly recommend Donald Altman's book Clearing Emotional Clutter. Each chapter supports your ability to clear your mind and refresh for the better!

Chapter 1: Stop Riding the Emotional Elevator

Chapter 2: Inner-Facebooking

Chapter 3: Cultivate a Beautiful Garden of Thought

Chapter 4: The Peace of Acceptance

Chapter 5: Get Centered in Your Breath and Body

Chapter 6: Cleansing Family Emotional Clutter

Chapter 7: Reflections on Compassionate Communication

Chapter 8: Planting Friendship Seeds

Chapter 9: For the Love of Listening

Chapter 10: Expanding Your Tribe


Which of these chapters listed grab your attention most? For me, I will camp out in Chapters 5, 6 and 7 again.

What will you do to clear emotional clutter? I know many therapists who are offering sessions via video or phone chats! Myself included, we are here to support you. We are here to listen. Regardless to which person you are, responding to this unique time, you do have people who care for you. You might just have to introduce yourself to them first.

If in fact your silence is loud, your anxiety is growing, your addiction is haunting you with binges or withdrawals, your in an actively abusive home, reach out. We are here for YOU.

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