A Step in Her Shoes

My dance doesn't have a name like "the floss" or "the duggy". Maybe it's Ciarra's "1-2 Step" if anything? All I know is that in my dance, I just have to move my feet somewhere and somehow. I cannot stay in the same frame that makes me sick or paralyzed.

How often have you froze or felt you didn't know what to do? When has that feeling scared the hell out of you? How did you overcome?

I have stepped back to move away from fear or aside for protection. I've also leaped into opportunities and stomped bravely into boldness. I have never stepped away from choosing to move forward, still, moving forward hasn't always been as easy as one step at a time. I could "just" do it, I needed to understand where I was going and why.

I'm often asked, "How did you go through all you have? How did you end up as you are?" I don't know exactly. This is just my make.

To always forgive yourself and others.

To be self-aware;

to be the person who knows and loves you best!

When you know your worth, your boundaries, your limits and your weaknesses, then is when you have all the strength in the world to run into a brilliant future. Its hard to move from one mindset or perspective when we aren't willing to open our eyes a little wider, looking beyond our opinions, their ideas and "the way it is."

If you feel stuck, remember its only temporary and that staying in this mud or quicksand could be a great opportunity to learn just how to cope, how to trust and how to see yourself as the person you want to be. It might be your moment to empathize and fall deeper into an ability to cast unconditional love to anyone and anywhere.

I promise it true, "Without vision, the people will perish." (Proverbs 29) If you cannot see where you've come from and what you desire out of life, you will stay in this quicksand and you could drown. Alas, if you can imagine the life you want, the freedom you desire and the healing you deserve, then you will have it. What we fixate our focus on is what we will have.

Take the step you must in order to at least recognize that it's all up to you. Ready to move forward? Its not so much which direction you choose to walk in that should harbor all your focus, but the decision to make a move at all.

You can do this. Only if you choose to.

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