A Bigger God

God is described as a Spirit, infinite, eternal and unchangeable. In all of His being, wisdom and power, His holiness, justice, goodness and truth. God is all powerful. He is omnipotent and omniscient. An omnipotent being has the power to prevent that evil from coming into existence. So why does it seem as though He doesn't care or as if He's allowed for evil to conjure up and destroy the world? Where is your perspective?

As a believer, I could come up with ways to assure you that my God is who He says He is in the Bible but to defend a point and collect a conversion quota does not instill faith well. The video below said much for me. When I felt abandoned, I always fell back into the arms of an invisible spirit I call King. There, in this space and with this Being, I have felt safety, faith, fearlessness and a lack of worry in times of abuse, anxiety, panic and depression. While people wronged against me, this believe saved me from dying by eating disorders and protected me with transparency, wisdom, discernment and a desire to be well again, so I spoke up when I experienced passive suicidal ideation to assure it wouldn't grow as active suicidal ideation.

See the video.

"Are you with me?" How could we ever know for sure? We may not. We can believe it or not, by our own accord or not. I have felt so tired of people who call themselves Christians yet cannot show unconditional love to even their like-minds. We can pray for the hurting but if you've converted to Christianity, your hurt can heal quicker less you are weak in faith. Is this disgusting to you as it is for me?

Often, I allow myself time to think outside of the box. As a business owner, I need to exercise this ability so that I can come up with new ideas to adapt and impact the world we are living in and well. During a private prayer time, I decided to put this to practice concerning God.

What if Christians saw differently than God hopes for? What if, while we see separation and division in the Church, from denomination to denomination, God sees opportunity to connect with every type, make, and mind desiring relationship with Him? We might suggest our worship and prayer practice, our own ways of thought and conviction are completely correct and so everyone needs to convert to our beliefs....What if God is bigger than that?

What if God appears in many forms across the globe for the same reasons? To connect with every nation, tribe and tongue? To me, He appears as an old man with white hair and a British accent because I enjoy accents and an older man is the man that I consider safe and not one to abuse me or neglect me. What if God showed himself through Lady Gaga lyrics, in the monastery or through reiki?

Why would He do that? What if He would to exercise the simplicity desired for all of us and the desire to keep out of a box and to love everyone so much that He would give us his brand and remain Son of God and Son of Man throughout the world for and with every nation, tribe and tongue. Meeting them where they are and as they need to see Him. Loving people unconditionally, without need to change their minds.

What if God means it when He offers much with a free will to follow Him or not? What if we walked with God and not for God? What if God walk with us and not for us?

What if we no longer trusted what fit status quo or this norm of putting God in a box and allowed more space for Him to be bigger, better and even more profound than we are pretending He is.

What if He is a good, good Father who is always there for us. He is such a good Father that when we need Him most, He might step back so that we are not co-dependant on Him; so that we can learn how to function apart from Him too, independently recognizing our capabilities so that we can only do more.

What if we allowed ourselves to believe in an even bigger picture of who God is and how He works?

"How long, Oh simple ones, will you love simplicity?" Proverbs 1:22

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