Maybe it's "THE YEAR OF CLARITY"! Remembering what I've spoken over each year, I recognize its held true. After a year of loss and grief in 2016, 2017 was to be the year of "only good things". After "only good things" began en-route I declared 2018 to be a year of dreaming before 2019 became a year of doing.

This coming year, 2020, will be my year of clarity. Like anyone, I've been growing and sometimes thats been painful. I've learned a thing or two about relationships and manipulation before learning about mental illness. I learned how to begin discerning people's intentions and requirements, and trust my gut with the boundaries I should keep with them.

What have you learned in the past year? What have you learned in the past two-five years? What will do you with that in 2020?

I encourage you to highlight your growth spurts, recognize how tough things have supported your strengths and reach for the beautiful desires of your heart this coming new year!

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