Why partner with Vivia Leigh? Let's place this on the page. Perhaps I'll record a video here. 

Ways to partner: Become a member, coordinate book tours in your state, donations will promote the book and mental health care


I'd like to share resources with my friends. Selecting this button needs to take "members" to a subpage where they can see a list of resources from state to state. THIS is the page where counselors and coaches can apply to become such affiliates. I will choose who works with me and who doesn't on a series of interviews. This is not an easy process and costs a monthly fee. We will call the page where resources are "RESOURCES" with a subtitle: Community over Competition" 

Apply: for counselors and coaches

Let's Work together: is the submit app button

I think we could also mention the membership on the bottom of this page!

We may even mention the membership soon the bottom of most home pages!

Let's Work Together!