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I believe in positive psychology. When we fixate our focus on what is wrong, we begin to see only our weaknesses impairing us from living at our best. Sometimes we need others to shine light on good things are hiding in shadows of grief, envy, shame, guilt or fear.


I am your cheerleader, your sister, your coach! Here to assure that you do stretch the muscles necessary to forgive the people you need to: address the wounds unhealed, dream bigger and become an even more independant, content and confident woman!


 You will be okay, you are safe, you have shelter, you are loved and you will have the life you deserve. I'd love to be apart of your journey! You're on your way, girl!

Vivia encourages trauma survivors to see a professional therapist in addition to utilizing her services as a coach. Vivia's coaching is not in place of seeking psychiatry or psychotherapy. 


Hourly Rate:
I recommend meeting for 1.5 hours in our first session! Moving forward we might meet for one hour per session. These sessions are private sessions at Vivia's office in Overland Park, KS or in a public cafe. We decide that together!

Off the Meter:

No one likes to feel rushed when they are trying to open up and be vulnerable about the things in their heart. It is valuable to connect the heart to the mind and the mind to the heart when experiencing anxiety, frustration or a simple lack of clarity. Off the meter, let’s grab a coffee and sit and talk without worry of time.

Write Have you ever wished to write your story? Do know understand the healing benefits that can come from narrative therapy? This process has been challenging and amazing for me. I needed a support system and would love to be your support system helping you to write your story. From your book title to the layout to processing through all you're remembering; I am here to make this a little easier!

Hourly Rate: .................................................................... $75

Overtime Hours: ............................................................... $50

Payments are recieved by cash or Cash Apps such as Paypal or Venmo. Payments must be made upon booking. 


"Vivia listens without judgement. I've been a Clarity Coaching client for 8 months and each time I talk with her, I feel invincible and no longer trapped. If you need to dream again after trauma, you should totally book with Vivia!"

Brittany / 29 years old

"I've always wished for my friends to be honest with me. I've wished they'd tell me when I'm doing something dumb. Vivia has been that friend. She really wants me to feel free and sometimes, that means telling me when I'm playing victim and need to stop. It's direct and effective and its all I've needed!"

Hayley, 32 years old

"I've done the same thing for years and its worked, until now. I never knew how much bitterness and fear I was carrying. Vivia's coping mechanisms, writing prompts and forgiveness sessions have helped me immensely. Now, I'm not acting like everyone else is always wrong. I know when I'm doing something wrong and I own it to change it. If you can't seem to move past frustration or pain, losing people around you because of it, call Vivia."

Denise, 57 years old

"Vivia was made to be a Clarity Coach, she is a HUGE part of why I've made so much progress already. She helps you to see hope, to see past your circumstances. It gets better! Look forward to many more sessions with her!

Molly, 23 years old