have the courage to heal,

and then celebrate what you have overcome



How can you achieve authentic happiness post chaos? The Girl Who Cried Forgiveness, Vivia Leigh, won't lead you astray. From book to book, you're invited to heal and move forward from your hardship, improving your ability to relate to people the way you really desire to.

  • The Girl Who Cried Forgiveness

       * Love Post Trauma

       * Write With Me (workbook)

       * Courage & Confetti (workbook)

(*): For sale soon!


Ready to echo the benefits of maintaining mental health? Need some inspiration in your community? Vivia Leigh loves to invite a panel of your local Psychology Professionals to each of her events.

Come ready to listen, learn and understand more about self-care and loving others well through mental health concerns.




Many love the idea of writing an autobiography, but find it very challenging to see such a dream through. Vivia has teamed up with Editor, Kelly Phillips and Book Designer Danika Good and together this team has created the most supportive opportunity called "Write With Me"! It is Vivia's role to support each writer in their journey from facing their trauma, to writing it out, and ultimately healing from it. To hold your own book in your hands is exhilarating, while the journey in writing it is uncomparable

Need support with your book?