Is sadness a blessing? If one door closes, how long will it be before the other opens? What about the teddy bear trade? If we surrender our small bear we will be gifted something better and larger than expected? Maybe then we will have the bigger bear, the better job, the chemistry we've wanted in a relationship or any other desire of our heart. "if it's not this, it's something else". What if that's not your story? what if doors close one after another and you are left in the dark? What then?

Refusing to accept defeat from one traumatic event to the next major loss, Vivia chose to believe her experiences matter and gained purpose. Her sadness evolved as empathy, creating her ability to support other limitless. The Girl Who Cried Forgiveness provides radical perspectives that will help you to heal, reevaluate and grow in giving and cradling empathy.

Join Vivia in graduating from helplessness to hope from a victim mentality to a victor! Allow The Girl Who Cried Forgiveness to lead you into a life lived fully alive and authentically connect! 


"I have gone through a lot. I've danced with eating disorders, fought suicidal ideation, and have felt hopeless and helpless. When people would encourage me, they'd tell me they understood me and I'd rarely believe them.

It simply is not enough to hear, "Life was hard and now it is good, Praise God." How was it hard? How did you come through to such contentment and a restored joy? 

You are not the only one to experience loss, pain, trauma or confusion. You are not the only one who has felt afraid or needing to grow humble and receive support. 

I want to prove to hurting people who feel alone, that they have in fact never been alone. I set it on my heart to example positive pride and transparency that can heal. If we only knew that others overcame, then wouldn't we find hope during the war?" -Vivia Leigh


"Vivia listens without judgement. I've been a Clarity Coaching client for 8 months and each time I talk with her, I feel invincible and no longer trapped. If you need to dream again after trauma, you should totally book with Vivia!"

Brittany / 29 years old

"I've always wished for my friends to be honest with me. I've wished they'd tell me when I'm doing something dumb. Vivia has been that friend. She really wants me to feel free and sometimes, that means telling me when I'm playing victim and need to stop. It's direct and effective and its all I've needed!"

Hayley, 32 years old

"I've done the same thing for years and its worked, until now. I never knew how much bitterness and fear I was carrying. Vivia's coping mechanisms, writing prompts and forgiveness sessions have helped me immensely. Now, I'm not acting like everyone else is always wrong. I know when I'm doing something wrong and I own it to change it. If you can't seem to move past frustration or pain, losing people around you because of it, call Vivia."

Denise, 57 years old

"Vivia was made to be a Clarity Coach, she is a HUGE part of why I've made so much progress already. She helps you to see hope, to see past your circumstances. It gets better! Look forward to many more sessions with her!

Molly, 23 years old

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